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Privacy Policy

Suzie Nichols Garden Design Data Handling and Privacy Policy
General Principles
  • All digital personal data is kept securely with double password protection- e.g. One Drive password as well as a document password or One Drive password plus kept in an encrypted folder. Information about Microsoft's Privacy Policy can be found here:
  • Wherever possible personal data is kept in a digital format. Where paper versions are deemed necessary, these are kept securely in a locked cupboard/ filing cabinet
  • Any personal data that a client is asked for is kept to a minimum and there is always a sound reason for collecting that data.
  • All data is kept only for as long as it is needed.
  • Data no longer needed is safely deleted- (deleted then computer recycle bin is emptied or shredded with cross-cut shredder)
  • All communication with clients via email is made through the business accounts or
    Any client making contact via Facebook is directed to the business email address.
  • Emails are always answered in private- i.e. at the business home address not for example on public transport. Emails are accessed via computer not on a mobile phone.
  • No personal data is held or transported via USB stick or other unencrypted media.
  • No client data (collected in order to complete a commission) or any plans, diagrams or drawings (produced for a commission) are shared in any way, other than with a client's prior consent.
Business Details Garden Designer, Suzie Nichols (Suzanne Melinda Nichols)
Suzie Nichols Garden Design
41 Salisbury Street
Kingston Upon Hull
01482 449802
07939 537579
Marketing Practices

Suzie Nichols Garden Design is advertised via word of mouth, recommendation from local Landscapers, via the business Website and via the business Facebook page. The business contact details, including website are listed on various online Business Directories.

The business website does not use cookies or collect personal customer data in any way. It exists purely for information purposes. The website was created and is maintained within the business.

The business Facebook page: exists mainly for information purposes, but it does also act as another point of contact for potential clients. No personal information is collected for use by the business other than that a client might volunteer in sending a message or writing on the Facebook page. Details of Facebook’s Data Policy can be found here: The business doesn’t receive any personal data from any online business directory in which it’s details are listed.

The business does not retain a client’s contact details for marketing purposes in any way. Data is retained purely in order to fulfil any contract with that client. The business does not rent, swap or sell your personal information to other organisations for them to use in their own marketing activities.

If personal data needs to be shared or discussed with another party, for example a Landscaper, in order to fulfil a commission, then consent will be sought first before doing so.

We may disclose your personal information when required to by law, for example, to HMRC for tax purposes or to police forces for the prevention or detection of crime. Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the practices of third parties that I do not own or control.

Personal data handling at each stage of a commission:
Client Contact Initially a client will make contact via phone, email, answer machine message or text. Occasionally they will make contact via Facebook message. A client will then be contacted back by similar means, but if possible via email. If a customer would like to arrange a Preliminary Meeting then name, address, phone number, email will be recorded in order to carry out that request. Answer machine messages are deleted once they have been retrieved. If a customer chooses not to request a Preliminary Meeting then all personal data is deleted.
Preliminary Meeting During a Preliminary Meeting the client’s garden will be discussed along with their design requirements. This may include information about family members, lifestyle, employment etc. At this point no record of any personal information is made either on paper or digitally. If not already taken an email address will be requested at this point in order to send the client a quote.
Client Quote

A Client Quote is sent via email or post to the client. It details the commission that has been discussed, along with costs and a payment schedule.

If a client is happy to proceed then they will contact the business again, usually by email or phone to signify that they are happy to proceed. I take this confirmation to signify that the client has undertaken a commission with myself based on the details contained in the Client Quote and is happy to be contacted in order to fulfil that commission. It also signifies that they are happy to undertake and comply with the Payment Schedule contained in the Client Quote.

I will then arrange a time to carry out the Site Survey and Initial Meeting. I will also send client’s a digital copy of my Client Questionnaire. Occasionally I will need to give a client a paper copy of the Client Questionnaire if they do not have email.

For personal organisation, and to facilitate visits to clients, Suzie keeps a personal diary which may contain client contact details (name, address, phone number, email) alongside a meeting date This diary is either kept securely at home or kept personally with Suzie when visiting a client. After a commission has been completed then client details within the diary are destroyed/ obliterated.

Client Quotes are stored securely. Quotes are valid for 3 months, and those that are not taken up will be deleted after that length of time.

Site Survey, Initial Meeting and Client Questionnaire

If a customer agrees to a commission, then a Site Survey will be carried out. Measurements and photographs of the client’s garden and property will be taken in order to fulfil the commission. Client’s will complete the Client Questionnaire which is discussed during the Initial Meeting. This Questionnaire contains information about household members and how they use the garden, hobbies, likes, dislikes etc. For the purposes of ease of discussion, the Client Questionnaire is usually in paper format/printed out. Occasionally a client will email a digital version of a completed form, but again, for ease of discussion, it is printed out prior to the meeting.

All digital files are kept securely. All paper documents (Client Questionnaire, copy of Quote, survey measurements etc.) are stored in a Client File labelled with the client’s details. These are kept securely at the business property or kept personally with Suzie when taken along to a client meeting.

Payment Schedule

Each client will have a Payment Schedule as detailed in their Client Quote. This details the payment due after completion of each stage of the design process. Payment is accepted by cash, cheque or bank transfer to Suzie’s personal bank account. Bank statements record no details other than name of the payee and in the case of a cheque, just the amount without a payee name. In handling personal cheques from clients, no record of any details such as bank, account number, sort number etc. is kept nor any physical or digital copy made.

A physical and digital record of payments received from a client, along with date paid is kept for accounting and tax purposes. Business accounts are kept for a period of six full financial years to comply with HMRC requirements.

Client contact during commission On-going communication with a client is made via email, or occasionally via phone throughout the commission process in order to fulfil that commission. Further personal information may be collected to help in the design process. All correspondence will be in relation to the commission undertaken but never for any other purpose e.g. marketing. All communications will be kept to a minimum, will be deemed necessary and not excessive.
Copying Plans and Drawings During the design process drawings and plans will need to be copied at a local print shop. These plans will be scanned into a large-scale printer and copies made. Plans may have a label showing the first line of the client’s address for identification purposes- e.g. ‘6, Green Lane’ No further personal details are included. The print shop does not retain scanned images.
Completing a Commission On completion of a commission, at the client’s request, the details of local landscapers are sometimes passed on to them in order for the commission to be built. The client will then contact a Landscaper directly themselves. Once a Landscaper has undertaken work for a client, they might make contact in order to discuss a detail of the commission. No personal details are discussed or passed on to the Landscaper. If such was requested, then consent from the client would be sought first. Payment by a client of the final amount(s) in the Payment Schedule is taken to be the end of the commission and an indication that the client is satisfied that the commission has been fulfilled.
Photographs of Client’s Finished Garden Occasionally a client will make contact once their garden has been built, offering the opportunity for photographing it for marketing purposes. Images would either be then used on the business website or business Facebook page and for no other purpose. Written permission (email) would be sought before any images were shared. No identifiable details would be shared alongside those images. Any images used would be stored securely with no personal data attached (renamed if necessary)
Data Retained After completion of a Commission

After a commission is completed then copies of plans etc. are placed in the Client File which is kept securely at the business premises. It may take months, even years for a Commission to be built so these are retained for reference purposes. Additionally, files are kept in case of a legal issues arising from a design. Files are kept for six years for this purpose and then destroyed.

All digital photographs taken during the site survey are destroyed on completion of a commission. Any other digital files relating to the commission are also destroyed. Paper copies may be placed in the Client File if deemed relevant for retention.

All communications between the business and the client- email contact, Facebook messages, texts, phone messages etc. - will be deleted within one year.

Data Action Log From 25th May 2018 a secure Data Action Log of any actions taken with regard to handling of client personal data will be kept. This will include such entries as logging when customer quotes have been deleted, customer photographs deleted etc.
Data Relating to Children The business does not intend to collect or knowingly collect information from or about children and we do not target children with our services. In collecting information in order to carry out a commission a client may volunteer information about children within the family household when filling out or discussing the Client Questionnaire. This information will be recorded in a way that does not identify an individual child to ensure anonymity and will not be shared in any way.
Right to Access to Personal Information and Correction
Contact Any individual requesting to see or requires correction of personal information that the business holds about them should email Suzie Nichols at subject line: Access Request. Alternatively, they can write to Suzie Nichols, Suzie Nichols Garden Design, 41 Salisbury Street HULL HU5 3HA
Keeping Data Safe Suzie Nichols Garden Design is a small Sole Trader Business. As such we do everything we can to keep client’s personal data safe. In the unlikely event of a personal data breach our policy is to contact the ICO within 72 hours to report the breach, give them details and ask for advice as to how to proceed. If deemed necessary then the individuals involved will also be informed as soon as possible. A record of any personal data breaches will be kept, regardless of whether the ICO needed to be notified.
ICO Data Protection Register Entry